*Please note that your dashboard is where you will start upon login to your account. *Your "store" or "storefront" is the place where you can see all of your listings at once.

*To add a listing, from your dashboard click on the menu and select "Products", then "Product Listings". On the next page, click the "ADD PRODUCT"  button to get started creating your listing.

*"PRODUCT" always refers to the horse you are listing. "PRODUCT TYPE" is preset to "Normal" and cannot be changed (this serves only for admin purposes).

*"PRODUCT NAME" can include a short description of the equine (i.e. 2007 AMHR Chestnut Gelding) or can be the actual name of the horse. 

*"DESCRIPTION" - This is where you will want to enter as many details as possible about your equine.

*"PRODUCT TAGS" will be auto-generated as "miniature horse for sale" and "pony for sale"..... feel free to add any other tags you would like Google search results to utilize!

*"SHIPPING DETAILS" - Disregard!

"VARIANT DETAILS" - Disregard!

"CUSTOM FIELDS" are self-explanatory and MUST be completed for successful submission of your listing.

*UPLOAD YOUR IMAGES and you are ready to go!

*TO UPLOAD VIDEO you must first submit your ad successfully. Once submitted, go back to your dashboard and find the ad, then click "EDIT". You will be able to submit your video(s) on the next page!

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