Who we are.......

ShowMePonies.com/ShowMeMinis.com is an elite online equine marketplace catering strictly to MINIATURE HORSE & PONY buyers, sellers, and breeders! ShowMePonies.com/ShowMeMinis.com features a fully-automated, searchable database system. From our "SEARCH NOW!" tab, you can use our flexible search system to search for a horse by name, breed, location, temperament, etc. These flexible search options help you narrow the list so you can find the mini or pony of your dreams quickly & efficiently! You also have the option of simply browsing ALL available miniature horses or ponies by clicking on "SHOW ME THE MINIS" or "SHOW ME THE PONIES” above.

This website and service was founded and is operated by a small midwestern, horse-loving family!! Visit our sister site at TripleCEquines.com!


While the Internet can be a safe and convenient place to do business, scammers are out there in the "cyber world" targeting unsuspecting consumers. One of our missions in our every-day business is to help prevent scammers from being successful by EDUCATING our users and the general public!

In an effort to protect you and help you to recognize scams, we have provided below a list of potential indicators. Recognizing one or more of these indicators in any online situation, is a clear warning to proceed with common sense......

- "Big Promise Claims" such as offering to buy or offering more money than the asking price without an initial conversation regarding the horse are almost always a sure sign of a scam. Be careful of any individual who wants to send you more than your asking price or is too eager to buy or sell SIGHT UNSEEN.-

-"Email Address Scammers" continually get new email addresses to replace ones that have been blocked. Take some time to research the person behind the email address. Look up the email on other sites such as Google, Facebook, and Spokeo.com to see if they have a social media presence.

- Generic "First Message Scammers" will send out multiple identical messages in an attempt to get a direct response."I am interested, I will need a phone number and email to discuss further.". (They want to get into a direct conversation instead of using our messaging system)

- Conflicting Information in the Ad.... Read the ad carefully! If there is conflicting information such as calling a mare a gelding etc., there could be a problem.

- Cashiers Check for MORE than Your Asking Price..... They will send you a (COUNTERFEIT) cashiers check or certified check "often spelled cheque" and ask you to send the difference to them or their shipper by wire transfer or Western Union.

- Request Money by Western Union or Wire Transfer..... Beware of these attempts to quickly defraud you of your money.

- Bad English...... Scammers often use bad or stilted English.

- High Pressure Tactics..... Be wary of individuals asking you to speed up the transaction beyond your comfort range. Again, a legitimate deal probably isn't going to move as fast as your money. Don't let yourself be pressured -- think things through.

- Request for Direct Contact Information........ Scammers may try to quickly get your direct phone number and email address to avoid the controls in our messaging system.

- Requests for Financial Information....... Don't give out any bank information without fully researching the legitimacy of the buyer or seller. Don't hesitate to ask for references such as their local horse vet, etc.-

- Always get Something in Writing...... You should never complete a transaction without first writing down the terms of the deal and have each party sign it. If you can't afford a lawyer to draft up a contract, you still should write down the terms of the deal in plain English and get it signed. Any buyer or seller that is hesitant or resists is usually a sure sign of a potential problem.

- Use Common Sense..... Remember the old saying, "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is."